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Design & Arts

New Media Cluster

The School of Design and Arts (SDA) offers a wide scope of degree programs in specialized creative disciplines that meet the demands of today’s information driven world.

Its campus, a 14-storey academic complex, is one big playground for creative minds and a venue that stimulates students to think out of the box, shift perspectives, and innovate ideas.

As prerequisite to their major design subjects, students undergo art exposure and exploration with accomplished artists and scholars of the Design Foundation program.

Hands on, unconventional approaches to meaningful projects allow young creatives to enhance their visual vocabulary, conceptualization and creation skills to prepare them for their major subjects.

Bachelor of Arts in Animation (ABANI)


How do you tell stories through art and technology?

In Animation, we merge the latest digital technology with limitless imagination and compelling storytelling. At your disposal are industry-level technology, systems and software. But stretch the boundaries of your creativity and you have something more powerful in your hands: a world brought to life with visual elegance and narrative brilliance.

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Filmmaking (ABDFILM)

Digital Filmmaking

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Our Digital Filmmaking program combines motion picture production techniques with digital technology to create the cinema of the future. In the process, we produce versatile graduates immersed in all elements of filmmaking: directing, producing, screenwriting, editing, sound mixing, cinematography, and production design.

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts (ABMMA)

Multimedia Arts

When did art and technology fall in love?

Our Multimedia Arts program breeds a new generation of artists who are adept in merging different forms of digital media into design innovations with timeless impact. It prepares students for the changing landscapes of art and technology by covering all the bases of diverse disciplines including photography, 2D and 3D animation, web and graphic design, and video and sound editing.

Bachelor of Arts in Photography (ABPHOTO)


How can you best capture life in a frame?

What distinguishes a Benildean photographer is his/her ability to astonish an audience with new perspectives, angles, and interpretations. In Photography, our students’ goals are to have an intuitive mastery of light, a deep grounding in technique, and a genuine connection with the subject.


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