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The School of Design and Arts (SDA) offers a wide scope of degree programs in specialized creative disciplines that meet the demands of today’s information driven world.

Its campus, a 14-storey academic complex, is one big playground for creative minds and a venue that stimulates students to think out of the box, shift perspectives, and innovate ideas.

As prerequisite to their major design subjects, students undergo art exposure and exploration with accomplished artists and scholars of the Design Foundation program.

Hands on, unconventional approaches to meaningful projects allow young creatives to enhance their visual vocabulary, conceptualization and creation skills to prepare them for their major subjects.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BS-ARCH)


Is architecture the soul of a civilization?

Architecture draws from historical and environmental knowledge and awareness, critical thinking, artistic vision and skillful appreciation of Building Technology & Construction Techniques, to build infrastructure for human interaction and cultural expression. As you explore fundamental issues in contemporary architecture, you are challenged to design spaces for targeted purposes using inventive and sustainable design solutions, respecting Architectural Heritage.

Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising (AB-FDM)

Fashion Design and Merchandising

Can you fashion the future?

Creative. Collaborative. Responsive to market demands. These are what the global fashion industry demands of its “design-thinkers.” Committed to innovation, the Fashion Design and Merchandising program offers a nurturing environment where young minds are enriched through in-campus and off-campus learning experiences. Its forward-thinking curriculum marries the traditional with the state-of-the-art, giving fashion students more freedom to explore and experiment with design and merchandising ideas.

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design (BS-ID)

Industrial Design

How can you make something the world didn’t know it was missing?

In Industrial Design you innovate solutions to optimize the function and value of a product for the benefit of its users. These solutions, while they are functional, sustainable, and aesthetically appealing, ultimately enhance the quality of life and culture of people. Our program is a quest to integrate design philosophies with technology to meet the demands of the modern consumer

Bachelor of Science in Interior Design (BS-IND)

Interior Design

How can design shape the way we live?

Interior Design explores spaces where people live, work, and play. Behind every complementing shape, light, color, and surface is a meticulous Benildean designer who makes interiors useful and delightful to those who inhabit them.


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