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School of Design & Arts

Theater Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts (ABTHA)

This course is for you if you want to show others how you see the world, the events and the people that comprise it.

You will learn to:

  • analyze and interpret theatre literature;
  • conceptualize and direct theatre productions;
  • conceptualize and implement stage design;
  • manage and mount theatre productions and performances; and
  • market your productions using contemporary traditional and contemporary techniques.
It takes a diamond to cut another diamond. That is why our Theater Arts program promises a dazzling cast of actors, directors, producers, and designers as professors and mentors. You don’t always need to be at centerstage to experience the most intense and immense environments of the performing arts. As a student and apprentice, you will be exposed to all facets of performance and stage craft even as you specialize in one of two tracks: Acting or Production. In the long run, all the world’s a stage and in Benilde you get to play many extraordinary parts.

Program Length

11 Trimesters


Artistic Director
Acting Coach
Production Manager
Stage Manager
Theatre Consultant
Theatre Critic
Theatre Educator
Vocal Coach
Multi-Skilled performance Artists (Actor
Dancer Singer)
Scenic Designer
Scenic Painter
Lighting Designer
Technical Director
Costume Designer
Production Manager
Stage Manager
Sound Designer
Special Effects Designer
Costume Shop Supervisor
Box Office Manager
House Manager
Makeup Artist
Recording Engineer
Stage Crew


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