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The School of Design and Arts (SDA) offers a wide scope of degree programs in specialized creative disciplines that meet the demands of today’s information driven world.

Its campus, a 14-storey academic complex, is one big playground for creative minds and a venue that stimulates students to think out of the box, shift perspectives, and innovate ideas.

As prerequisite to their major design subjects, students undergo art exposure and exploration with accomplished artists and scholars of the Design Foundation program.

Hands on, unconventional approaches to meaningful projects allow young creatives to enhance their visual vocabulary, conceptualization and creation skills to prepare them for their major subjects.

Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management (ABAM)

Arts Management

How do you make art happen?

In Arts Management, while you become proficient in art history, theory and criticism, you also learn the systems and technologies of institutions and businesses that run on creativity, art, and design. As an arts manager, you will be in a position to create the conditions, spaces and interfaces in which art and cultural activity can happen and be sustained.

Bachelor of Performing Arts in Dance (BPAD)


Do you dream with your feet?

In Benilde, students experience the creative process and disciplined training of dance while developing an awareness of its historical and cultural aspects. Technique classes in Dance are offered alongside theoretical studies in dance history, criticism, and teaching methodologies. These courses deepen the artist’s appreciation for how his/her craft is a powerful form of expression that can enrich a culture and transform a society.

Bachelor of Arts in Music Production (ABMP)

Music Production

Can music still soothe a savage beast?

To create music is to speak a universal language. Our student-musicians manifest their fluency in this language by having a strong command of music theory and composition to complement their technical skills in sound recording and processing.

Our Music Production program reflects the diversity of musical experience—mixing sounds, composing songs, producing musical performances—to ensure that your learning remains relevant in the music business.

Bachelor of Arts in Production Design (ABPRD)

Production Design

How can you tell a story without words?

Production designers do more than just create sets. They build worlds, revive eras, and conceive characters. In Production Design, students learn about theater and film design, art history, and media studies as they dabble in stagecraft, prosthetics, and costume construction.

Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts (ABTHA)

Theater Arts

How do you personify brilliance?

It takes a diamond to cut another diamond. That is why our Theater Arts program promises a dazzling cast of actors, directors, producers, and designers as professors and mentors. You don’t always need to be at centerstage to experience the most intense and immense environments of the performing arts. As a student and apprentice, you will be exposed to all facets of performance and stage craft even as you specialize in one of two tracks: Acting or Production. In the long run, all the world’s a stage and in Benilde you get to play many extraordinary parts.


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