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This project is a short animated film about a maltreated child who’s longing for his drunkard single parent father’s love.

Bru and his father, Goryo, are happily living in a wide flowery meadow. Bru’s daydream becomes a tragedy when a menacing giant hand grabs his father.

A transition between Bru’s imagination and reality happens. 

Under the influence of alcohol, Goryo scolds his son and attempts to rip apart his toy to teach him a lesson. Wanting to retrieve his doll, Bru bravely grabs it from his father’s hand, hugs it tightly, and warns his dad from destroying his toy.

Goryo is shocked with his son’s words and memories of his wife abandoning them flash through his mind. He realizes his negligence of responsibility as a good parent and confesses for everything he done wrong.

Directed by Arvin Jezer Gagui

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